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Metro Dog is open 365 days a year.


We're 12 Years Old - that's 84 In Dog Years!

2001-2013 marks our 12 Year Anniversary. Come in and help us celebrate and don't forget to check out our SPECIALS!

Our four-legged friends enhance the quality of our lives inso many ways. Metro Dog endeavors to enhance the qualityof theirs. No longer do your cherished friends need to behome alone all day - lonely, bored, crossing their legs orperhaps getting into a bit of mischief. We offer a variety ofservices to address the particular needs of your situation.


DAYCARE provides a supervised environment where dogswho enjoy the company of other dogs can frolic the dayaway. Our large indoor/outdoor play area has space torun, wrestle or play fetch and on warm days we swim in thekiddie pools. There are comfy old couches to nap on andplenty of animal-loving staff to provide heaps of love andattention.Transportation is available to and from our facilityfor your canine companion. Our daycare guests go homehappy and exhausted after a full day of fun.


BOARDING in a safe & fun environment for those timeswhen you have to leave home is one of our specialties.We offer both kennels and crates for the comfort of ourguests and amenities include orthopedic elevated beds,fleece blankets, and night lights. But the real treat comesfrom a day full of fun daycare with other friendly and funlovingdogs. Metro Dog is more like summer camp than atraditional boarding facility! Should your dog prefer to sleepin their own home we are pleased to offer daily round-triptransportation accompanied by a full day of daycare.


HOME CARE from Metro Dog covers a vast array of services.We are equipped to handle many special or medical needsfor a great variety of pets. Whether you require individualdog walking, medication to be administered or even a visitfor some lonely kitties while you are away, Metro Dog hasit covered. We are fully licensed, bonded and insured and offer in-home services every day of the year.


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