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Dear Metro Dog Family,
Metro Dog has lost one of our own family. Brigetta Delgado-Emmel unexpectedly died July 24, 2022 near Moses Lake while attempting to rescue her beloved dog, Brody, who also passed. She had been staying with family in Moses Lake.

Brigetta was a charismatic and spirited person who always brought joy and energy to those around her. She positively impacted our staff, the pups and clients over the four years that she was with us as part of our team. We are shocked, devastated and grieving. We are fundraising for Adams County Pet Rescue because that is where Brigetta and her husband Chris adopted their most recent dog Bayern. We want to support an organization that was so important to her.  If you are so inclined the below link will take you to the donation page.
Effective tomorrow, March 13, we will operate from our new, larger facility at 4020 23rd Ave W, Seattle, WA 98199. It's only 4 minutes from our original locaion.

UPDATE 4/1/2020

As a way to better protect our clients and staff alike, effective today all staff will wear masks when interacting with clientele.  


UPDATE 3/30/2020

On Friday we received official confirmation from the state that we are considered an essential business.  We intend to remain open as usual.  We may need to alter operating hours, particularly on the oh-so-quiet weekends, but will be sure to update here, on social media and on Google.  At the current time we are open the usual 6:45 AM to 7 PM on weekdays, 8 AM to 7 PM on Saturday,  and 10 AM to 6 PM on Sundays.


Hello Metro Dog Family,

We wanted to reach out to you all in this uncertain and unprecedented time.   First, we hope you all are healthy and safe.  That is the most important thing for us.  Our goal has always been to ensure that our clients and pups remain healthy, whether it be a dog or human illness.  We are following all public health and CDC recommendation for sterilization both on and off location.   Common access surfaces such as doorknobs and credit processing keypads are being disinfected throughout the day to ensure that everyone who passes through our doors are protected as best we can.  We have asked that staff stay home if they are feeling unwell for any reason.  In-home practices require use of hand sanitizer before and after dog walks.  We believe your safety is equal to that we practice for the dogs.


Let’s Make It Safer

If you are in a situation where daycare is an option, please let us know by voicemail or email so we can plan appropriately.  Currently, we are operating at minimal staffing levels.   If you do not wish to leave your home, we can arrange transportation to and from the facility or even walks from home.  To better serve our at-risk clients and those who are simply concerned about being in a public place we are offering a new service beginning Monday afternoon, March 16.  Give a call or send us a text to 206-595-5559 when you are nearby, and we will come out to your car and bring your pup inside.  We will do the same at pick up time.

What if you are ill and need to board your dog?

We have developed a set of procedures for both transport and in-person drop-off of an ill person’s dog.  While at this time there is no evidence that an animal can become contagious, we are not taking any chances.  We have consulted with Public Health on walking dogs under these circumstances in order to keep our staff and clients healthy


We Are So Grateful for You

Thank you so much for all your support and love not only during this difficult time, but over the past 18 ½ years!  While we adore the dogs, we are also incredibly grateful for the wonderful people who bring them.  We appreciate you all so much.  We will get thru this together, and will stay in touch with each other, even if it is from more than six feet away. 

Warmest wishes during trying times,


The Metro Dog Team


Here's a nice article on saving money on pet supplies that was sent to us by Aurora James at www.dogetiquette.info.
How to Save Money When Shopping for Your Pampered Pet
Our pets give us endless amounts of love. You can’t put a price tag on this gift, but it sure is fun to pamper them as a way to say “thank you.” The problem is that the cost of a lavish lifestyle really adds up. So, what’s a doting pet parent to do? Follow this advice for saving money on everything you need to keep your pet spoiled without spending a fortune.
Save on Supplies
Before you indulge in cute coats and squeaky toys, search for ways to save money on the basics, such as shopping at big-box retailers like Target. Target has an extensive selection of basic pet care needs as well as boutique-style extras, all at affordable prices. According to Rakuten’s “17 Tips for Saving at Target,” you can save even more money by getting a REDcard, which gives you 5 percent off everything you buy plus free shipping when you order online. When you use the Target app, you also get access to extra coupons and deals.
Another way to save on basics is to find websites that offer special discounts. For example, ordering dog food online gives you the opportunity to find the best brands while addressing specific dietary needs. Some of these sites also offer discounts on autoship orders. For pet parents who make their own food (or would like to), you may want to consider a pet food delivery service. These services aren’t cheap, but they give you an alternative to packaged food at a cost that’s less than making the food yourself.
Along with food, medication is another essential for pets that can put a strain on your budget. Instead of buying these pricey medications from your vet, you can often find a better price by comparison shopping online. Of course, medication is a necessity, not a luxury, but when you save money on the things you need, there’s more left to spend on the fun stuff!
Quality Not Costly
Our top tip for saving money on other pet must-haves is to rely on reviews so that you can be sure the products you buy are high quality — even if they have a low price. For example, MarketWatch recommends a few of the best affordable leashes, and with options including leather and reflective leashes, these products don’t make any sacrifices on quality or style.
When you’re searching for a pet bed that’s up to snuff, you may be surprised to find that there are some great affordable options. Check out this list of pet bed recommendations from Bustle, which includes an inexpensive orthopedic bed that protects your pup’s joints, along with an adorable covered bed for dogs that like to burrow. When both style and quality are musts, we also recommend checking out discount retailers for pet beds. These stores often get overstock of top brands, so you may be able to find a bargain on a luxurious spot for Fido to snooze.
Boutique Bargains
If you’re looking for unique ways to spoil your fur babies, major online retailers can be good resources for off the wall options. For example, you can find all kinds of cat goodies on Amazon, including a hammock, a window seat, and even a cat heating pad to keep kitties warm on cool days. Another unexpected place for boutique-style pet finds (without the boutique price tag) is IKEA. IKEA is popular for its modern Scandinavian style at affordable prices, and the company’s line of pet products doesn’t disappoint. For pet parents who want to dress Fido or Fluffy in cute clothes, one way to get high style at bargain prices is to look for unique brands at affordable retailers, such as ED by Ellen DeGeneres at Petsmart or the Oh Joy! line of products at Target.
We may call our dogs and cats pets, but pet parents know they’re much more than that. They’re part of the family, so of course, you want to treat them like family. Thankfully, you can do that and stay under budget, so there really is no reason not to keep your pets pampered!


Photo credit: Pexels