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(206) 284-3647 (DOGS)



"Guinness is so excited to get to Metro Dog in the morning and at night after we pick him up all he wants is to eat his dinner and go to bed."

-Amy C. & Ethan M., Guinness's parents

"Sophie just loves to come to Metro Dog Day Care! In the mornings, as we approach the day care facility her tail starts wagging like it's motorized!"

-Shari Z., Sophie's mom

"His day care visits are very beneficial to him as he gets exercise and a chance to play and be socialized with other good dogs."

-Mary L., Tui's Mom

"Adopting a 10 month old Springer Spaniel presented a challenge. Casey needed activity and socializing that my age couldn't deliver. Metro Dog and staff took over. The caring, intellegent, trustworthy staff go the extra mile and work with each dog in their charge. Casey is so excited to be with his friends and looks forward to each return play date."

-Joan C., Casey's mom